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LeafyLife, a Kenyan StartUp that aims to accelerate the advent of a sustainable, healthy form of energy and recycle at least 2000 Kg of used diapers to fuel daily.

LeafyLife, re-inventing the energy industry through sustainability and a circular economy.

LeafyLife is working hard for a safe and clean environment, clean, cheap form of energy in Kenya and the globe.

LeafyLife sustainable energy, a clean Kenya, a thriving environment, fighting pollution.

LeafyLife, a global energy frontier, for a clean environment, healthy people, reduce climate change in Kenya and the globe. #conserve_our_environment

Clean and safe fuel.

Clean and safe fuel from waste diapers to impact 250,000 families in informal settlement.

Safe and proper waste management.

Ensuring safe and proper management of waste for a sustainable future.

Where LeafyLife comes in .

A single diaper takes 500 years to decompose therefore once used this diapers don’t just disappear anytime soon. At LeafyLife, we help control the pollution by making a fuel gel,a cheap, healthy, and clean form of energy.

Our Story

We are a startup company, founded by three innovators. It all started in a Nanochemistry class at the University of Nairobi. Mutual interest in this fascinating field brought together three curious guys who discovered they had something else in common – innovation. Together and individually they have developed many ideas, some brilliant some not so much. Regardless, this boundless exploration with ideas culminated in building LeafyLife, a company that recycles waste diapers and sanitary pads into a clean and affordable fuel. Pretty cool huh?

Target Market

We are targeting about 20,000 households in Nairobi informal settlements with our focus area being Kibera. Kibera being the largest slum in Africa houses 250,000 people and has the highest numbers of dirty fuel users in Nairobi who have few alternatives due to the high cost of fuel. They also suffer from a lot of indoor pollution that causes 8-10% of early deaths . However with our fuel this will all be in the past for it burns clean,efficient with no carbon monoxide and soot.

A brief description of our solution

Kenya’s annual diaper consumption is nearly 800 million and the world’s annual consumption is 450 billion diapers in a single year, with the value of the baby diaper market being estimated to be worth approximately 63.4 billion Euros worldwide by 2024. However there is a lack of proper channels when it comes to dispose these diapers once they are used. A single diaper takes 500 years to decompose therefore once used these diapers don’t just disappear anytime soon In Kenya for instance they find their way to sewage systems and drainages blocking them, to rivers where they pollute the water, and as per Kilifi county council the Indian Ocean where they are now becoming a threat to the marine life. Therefore, by use of green chemistry LeafyLife has found a solution to turn these used diapers to a clean fuel that can be used at home.

An introduction to LeafyLife

Approximately 800 million pieces of diapers are used per year in Kenya. Additionally, tonnes of sanitary towels are disposed of per day. The burden of such waste piles gets heavier daily as the cities and towns struggle with the overwhelming solid waste management quagmire. Most households dispose of soiled diapers together with the rest of their household garbage. It is a risky method of disposal, considering all the adverse health effects it could cause through environmental pollution and contamination of water sources. Moreso, decaying organic matter releases methane which is a powerful greenhouse gas. LeafyLife, a Kenyan renewable energy startup, innovated a new chemical technology that converts used diapers into clean fuel. The co-founders, three chemistry graduates, created a novel process of recycling soiled diapers and sanitary pads to an efficient fuel gel. Now, the humongous waste menace is on the verge of being permanently solved.

LeafyLife achievements

LeafyLife, formerly Leafy Ke, emerged first place at the 6th edition of the ClimateLaunchpad Global Grand Final that took place in the winter of 2019. The competition is the largest green business competition in the world and had attracted over 2,600 cleantech entrepreneurs from 53 countries. Prior to that, LeafyLife, had made first place in both the African and National editions for the same award. These awards mean that our innovation is highly viable and is promising to have a significant impact in Kenya and the entire world. LeafyLife was also onboarded to the International sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre’s Global Startup Service and will showcase its innovation at the investor forum 2020 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in October 2020.


LeafyLife projected milestones

The main driving force of LeafyLife is the need to produce a clean cooking fuel. We aim at reducing the CO2 emission rate by 76% per cent. There is no better way of doing this than through the eradication of the conventional use of dirty fuel in Kenya. It is about time people stopped using firewood, paraffin and charcoal which add to the concentration of Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere causing a steady but dangerous rise in global temperature. The gel that is produced by the LeafyLife technology burns cleanly with no smoke or carbon monoxide, which is the most potent indoor pollutant. Indoor pollution is responsible for 6-8% of premature deaths in low-income countries. Our fuel gel will indeed be essential in cutting down the deaths and cases of respiratory diseases caused by the emissions of dirty fuels. Our fuel gel is not only cleaner but cheaper than conventionally used fuels. It has enhanced longevity for burning, and its flame is even hotter. This gel guarantees convenience to our customers. Our company has partnered with two community-based organizations and two international organizations to propel the projected goal of recycling at least 2000 kg of used diapers daily. Together with our partners, we will actively contribute to the achieving of SDG 1 (No Poverty), SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean energy), SDG 11 (sustainable Cities and Communities), SDG 13 (Climate Action) and SDG 15 (Life on Land). The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally is more urgent today than ever before. LeafyLife’s ultimate goal is to bring an impact to the entire world by deploying efficient waste management technologies and producing cleaner fuel alternatives.

sustainable energy In Kenya

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The team behind LeafyLife

The team behind LeafyLife innovation in developing a sustainable circular economy space.


Peter Gachanja

LeafyLife Co-Founder & COO

sustainable energy In Kenya

Dennis Muguta

LeafyLife Co-Founder & CEO


Melvin Kizito

LeafyLife Co-Founder &
Chief of Research and Development

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